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The pandemic has devastated our economy, and state lawmakers must create an environment to allow small businesses and working families to rebuild their financial security without further government interference.  The pathway toward a healthy economy is where we rally behind small businesses with pro-growth policies such as removing burdensome regulations, opposing tax and fee increases, and expanding workforce training.


Under his leadership as mayor, Kevin made the village a welcoming place for businesses by reducing government red tape. New residential and commercial developments and higher occupancy rates expand the sales tax base and keep taxes low. 


As a father of three children in the early stages of their careers, education remains an important issue to Kevin. Providing quality education is the foundation to any child’s success, so we must ensure they have the tools necessary to succeed. Education should not be a partisan issue. He will advocate for the proper funding in classrooms and ensure parents have control over their child’s education.



Crime rates are on the rise, and it’s more important than ever to give our support to law enforcement officers who protect our communities every day. The movement to defund the police is reckless and has no role in policymaking. Kevin is a strong supporter of the law enforcement community and will ensure they have the resources and training necessary to ensure the streets are safe to raise a family.


Kevin created new partnerships, improving communications between the public and the police department as mayor. In 2021, the Bartlett Police Department received the DuPage County Chiefs of Police Association’s Pioneer Policing Award for creating the Bartlett Community Cares Initiative, which helps provide services to those in need. Through community partnerships, Bartlett remains among the safest cities in the U.S.

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